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here 4U is an organization in Västerås, Sweden -  that puts young people first. Here´s a short introduction to what here 4U is all about and what we do. If you have further questions or if you want to get in touch with us - please email us - we will be happy to tell you more!


So - what is here 4U?

here 4U started in 2002 at a school in Västerås. A group of teenage students wanted to make the school a safer place for all. They knew what was going on in the corridors and around school. They got help from Nicklas, who worked there - and toghether they started here 4U. The group got bigger, and after a while other schools heard about them and also started their own groups with young people. 

Today - about 50 schools have active here 4U-groups. About 600 children and teenagers are members at their school. The young ones (9-12 years old) are called here 4U Junior, and the older ones (13-19 years) are here 4U.
The groups do a lot of things - the young ones do things like "Play of the week", lunchdiscos, making
here 4U-days at school and so on. The older ones focus more on working together to make the school a safer place, working against bullying, racism, violence and for friendship. Some groups collect money and clothes for the homeless, do acivities for refugees - one group even went to Greece to help. 
All groups have one or two adults/tutors, working at the school to help them forward. The adults in the network meet three times each term, to learn more and discuss important topics. The students also have meetings on regular basis.

here 4U is also a non-profit association. We also have a Bigbrother/Bigsister-program, where volontuuers they can act as a role model and support for a younger boy or girl who needs and wants a big brother or sister.


Education - here 4U Academy

Since 2012 we offer here 4U-members (14-25 years old) a program we call Toleransutbildning. The program starts in november and ends in may the next year. 

The students come to us on their free time to learn about tolerance, racism, democracy and human rights. We watch movies and documetaries, visit museums, discuss different topics and they do learn a lot. The holocaust is the worst form of intolerance,so  in april we go together to Krakow, to visit Auschwitz/Birkenau and the Schindler museum. 

Before leaving, the studens are well prepared and when we get home, they talk about their experiences in their school. The basic aim with the program is to help students making a stand, and to go from passive to active in critical situations. 

We are very proud to be in contact with Footsteps Team and Rainer Höss, grandson of Auschwitz commendant Rudolf Höss. Our students had the opportunity last year to visit Auschwitz together with him and we learned so much from Rainer. We hope to be able to do even more!

Every two years, we also offer the adult/tutors a program. It can be about violece, tolerance, bullying or some other topic that can be helpful in the work with here 4U. The mainpart of the adults have been to Auschwitz/Birkenau with here 4U. 

here4U students and Rainer Höss, a really cold day in Birkenau
here4U students and Rainer Höss, a really cold day in Birkenau

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Nicklas Wennersten


A here4U meeting :)
A here4U meeting :)

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